I’ve been lucky to work with these talented individuals, hear their sound improve and gain confidence in their studio as a trusted instrument.

“I am so thrilled to have found Jim! I have learned so much from him in terms of learning to finally edit my audiobooks. He has such a warm and friendly manner and is so thorough and clear with his instruction. He has also provided me with great valuable insights as to how to move forward with my VO career! I highly recommend him!”

– Catherine W.


“Jim is always there when you really need him. If you ask a question it’s answered with more easy to digest info then you ever dreamed of. If he then sees or reads something germane even a week later he will send the relevant copy or a link to add to your knowledge. He is not judgmental and never hears a stupid question, only one that needs an answer. His knowledge is vast and yet he explains simply, the mark of a truly intelligent man, not just someone just trying to impress you. He is a cheerleader a technical guru of the highest order, and I really should label every audition I send out, ‘thank you Jim Edgar'”

– Victoria H.


“For me the wonderful thing about Jim isn’t so much his tech skills, marketing tips, and insightful feedback on your audition files. It’s all that, but above all, it’s how personally invested in your success he is. Jim is the real deal!”

– Chris C.


“There is so much great stuff I could say about Jim Edgar, the trick is going to be being concise. First off he’s an incredible voice actor with a broad range from characters to commercials and narration, but it’s his role as studio/engineering consultant that I’m going to focus on. Despite the fact I’d been recording layered music for years, setting up my voice over booth at home was a whole new world. Jim was an incredible resource, advising and helping me with the physical environment (acoustic tile recommendations, wall mounted mic stand etc etc), but also the software and pre-amp suggestions. He has come over several times to patiently guide me through the software and mic positioning, so that I can now confidently say I have a broadcast quality studio in my home. I cannot recommend him highly enough. If you want to take your home recording set up from mediocre to magnificent, Jim is the man to call.”

– Julia N.


“Jim is simply the best. He knows everything there is to know about voice recording. He is helpful and patient, encouraging and clear. More than that, he is truly dedicated to voiceover work, and he cares about the people he works with in a way that is truly extraordinary. Can’t recommend him enough!”

– Nina G.


“I made a super rookie recording error while recording for a Skype directed session. I might have ruined anbhour of directed takes, but Jim was able to help me fix the audio in post, and everything was saved. Jim is beyond great.”

– Keith H.


“I can hardly believe how much positive Energy Jim has. He is such an excellent VO teacher, encouraging, stimulating, and his home work assignments really encourage learning. Again i can not imagine how he finds the time to manage the responses of all these student and do all his other work. The best is pretty good.”

– Gene G.


“Jim has a wealth of knowledge about the VO industry that he freely shares with anyone who needs it! In addition to being a talented artist himself he is a wonderfully kind and active coach to others . The best practical information you could get.”

– Julie M.


“Jim’s knowledge and expertise have been instrumental to my success as a voice actor. Questions about booth setup, software configurations, equipment, troubleshooting (the list goes on)? Jim is THE MAN!”

– Lynda K.


I love to help other voice actors get their sound sorted out so they can focus on being brilliant behind the mic.  If you would like to talk about ways to improve your audio, workflow or just have a question about something VO-related, please let me know: