I like to help fellow voice actors
get their sound sorted out, so
they can just focus on being
brilliant behind the mic.

The idea behind...


Getting quality recordings in your voiceover studio may be simple, but it’s not always easy.

As more auditions become the voice actor’s responsibility to record, one of the critical differences in booking work becomes the quality of the recording itself. Learning what to listen for in order to measure that quality is now a key skill to possess. I work with you to develop those skills.

As a hopeful, new or working voice actor, your challenge is both creative and technical. My goal is to help you create a reliable instrument to capture your craft. 

Through multi-week classes, single-day workshops and one-on-one coaching, I can demystify the recording process, help you gain mastery of necessary software, and teach you how to understand quality audio for voiceover.  #JustAskJimVO