The Entertainer’s Secret Formula

In my classes, I usually mention “Entertainer’s Secret” as a glycerin-based throat spray. Pretty sure I had found it originally through one of Harlan Hogan’s books. Anyway – it had a light, citrus-y pleasant taste and I got in the habit of buying it by the 6 pack, which meant I didn’t buy it that often.

Entertainer's Secret Throat SprayNoticing I was down to my last bottle, I ordered more in August (2015).  After opening the first bottle from that batch in September, it tasted really different.

Not. Entirely. Pleasant.

But, I didn’t get sick (so it wasn’t contaminated), and it wasn’t actually that bad. Since I wasn’t using it that much (apple juice and water for long-form = a good thing for me, and lemon/honey “tea” after serious screaming sessions), I decided to put up with it for a bit. My curiosity eventually got the better of me and even though I was only halfway through the first bottle, I opened another to see if it was just a one-off situation.

Nope. Same taste. Hmmm… that finally bothered me enough to email the company (KLI). To which they responded:

“You are correct, the taste is different – and it’s not as good as we would like. We learned that the microbiological protection was not up to our standards so we were forced to re-formulate, going back to the original formulation when it was first introduced. Priority had to be placed on safety so the taste was compromised. We are continuing to try to improve the taste and making some progress. Hope to have the puzzle solved soon. Appreciate your interest.”

I’ll set aside the fact they darned well might have mentioned that on their site. (And yes, it’s possible I just missed it…) But, where before I was recommending it, I’d now say that you should get a bottle and see if you like the taste first.

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