Audio & Recording Classes for Voice Actors

View from the copy stand I currently offer two multi-week courses for voice actors:
Intro to Home Recording and Audio ER.

Intro to Home Recording – Recording for the Voice Actor

Whether you have yet to purchase your first microphone or can’t quite understand how your recording setup fits together, this course breaks down the techniques you need to reliably capture your brilliant acting performances. I demystify the gear and tools every voice actor needs to reliably record auditions for agents, clients and workshops. You’ll learn how to identify the best place to record, “get it right” at the source, editing conventions and exporting sound files for different purposes. You’ll receive resources for microphones, acoustic treatments, software options and suggestions for a basic recording setup. Through hands-on experience, homework and real-time demonstrations, you’ll finish with an understanding of the VO booth as your “instrument.”*
*Voicetrax has expanded this to a six-week course – after we work together during the first four sessions, another instructor will put your Home Recording Skills to the test with mock auditions and homework.

Audio ER – Key Tools for the Working Voice Actor – 6 week course

Edit-session-qcWe’ve all been there – your audition or job is lying there on the table, flat-lining! It needs help STAT! But what tool to use? Equalization? Normalization? Compression? Do you fix the problem – but lose the patient? As a working/auditioning voice actor these days, the quality of your audio becomes just as important as the performance. There are powerful tools at your disposal. But, you can do a lot of damage if you don’t use them correctly. Quality audio gets you gigs!
This class is designed to make you into an audio surgeon – capable of quickly analyzing what is technically wrong with a recording and responding with a precise fix.  When a producer or director listens to your audio, the only thing they should be aware of is your performance.

How to Sign Up

These classes are currently offered through Voicetrax San Francisco (class registration form available here) in Sausalito, CA. Classes fill quickly (and might be filled now), so you may want to get on the waiting list for the next session. There is currently no remote or streaming option.

Spring 2018 Class Schedule:

Intro to Home Recording – February 15 – March 22* (Thursdays) 6:30 – 9:30 PM

Fall 2018 Class Schedule:

Audio ER – Dates TBA – 6:30 – 9:30 PM – 6 weeks

Intro to Home Recording – Dates TBA 6:30 – 9:30 PM

Individual Instruction

I can work with you directly for recording software instruction, audio quality improvement, advanced editing techniques and other audition/production workflow refinement. It’s easy to connect remotely or schedule an on-site visit. There’s more info on the Coaching section of this site, or just use the form below –