Coaching OptionsOne-on-one coaching lets us develop a plan specific to your needs.  Whether you’ve never plugged a microphone into your computer, can’t seem to get a competitive sound for auditions, or wish to set up automated tools for more advanced production audio, I help you along the path.

Key Components

  • Getting the best sound possible from your recording space
  • Identifying recording hardware to assist your needs
  • Setting up a workflow to maximize your efficiency
  • Understanding the key elements of recording software important to a voice actor

Optimizing Your Audio

This generally includes an on-site visit to evaluate your space and setup, as well as a detailed analysis of the audio you are currently producing. I’ll suggest immediate fixes as well as longer-term options given the confines of your space and budget.

Software Instruction

Too often, voice actors don’t really know why they are using a certain effect or recording setting.  Many times it negatively impacts their audio. I work with you so you’ll understand the important tools at hand, always from the perspective of a working voice actor under real deadline pressure. Whether you need reliable core skills or specific tricks in the production process, I’ll help you gain tremendous efficiency through a better understanding of your recording software. I normally travel to your location, but can also connect remotely to your computer network for direct troubleshooting.

Working together, we’ll create a solid foundation for recording your brilliant performances.

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