Direct Coaching Sessions

Coaching OptionsOne-on-one coaching lets us develop a plan specific to your needs.  Whether you’ve never plugged a microphone into your computer, can’t seem to get a competitive sound for auditions, or wish to set up automated tools for more advanced production audio, I help you along the path.

Key Components to Quality VO Audio

  • Getting the best sound possible from your recording space
  • Identifying recording hardware to assist your needs
  • Setting up a workflow to maximize your efficiency
  • Understanding the key elements of recording software important to a voice actor

Optimizing Your Audio

This generally includes an on-site visit to evaluate your space and setup, as well as a detailed analysis of the audio you are currently producing. I’ll suggest immediate fixes as well as longer-term options given the confines of your space and budget.

Demystifying Recording Software

Too often, voice actors don’t really know why they are using a certain effect or recording setting.  Many times it negatively impacts their audio. I work with you so you’ll understand the important tools at hand, always from the perspective of a working voice actor under real deadline pressure. Whether you need reliable core skills or specific tricks in the production process, I’ll help you gain tremendous efficiency through a better understanding of your recording software. These could be in-person sessions or we can connect remotely for demonstrations in real time.

Using Advanced Tools Effectively

The varied genres of voiceover require some specialized processes and software tools. The requirements for an audiobook project are different than eLearning. While production has a different set of challenges than daily auditioning. I’ll work with you to identify key choices which will result in more efficient workflow for the spectrum of tasks facing us in voiceover.
Together we’ll create a solid foundation for recording your brilliant performances.

Let’s Get Rolling

You can always share a recording with me for review. Simply upload your audio here for a free evaluation.
If you aren’t sure where to start, or have a specific question, please take a moment to fill out the form below so we can begin your journey. Or you can schedule a session here.