A Little More Background & Why Your Audio Quality Matters

Through multi-week classes, single-day workshops and one-on-one coaching, I can demystify the recording process, help you gain mastery of necessary software, and teach you how to understand quality audio for voiceover.

A Little More Background

Who am I? Well, I’m a full-time working voice actor. (That journey is a whole different tale, suffice to say that voiceover kept hitting me over the head with a cartoon hammer until I finally paid attention).
When I started getting training in VO, I found that the hours of my youth spent positioning microphones for recording, cobbling together networks of computers and electronic musical instruments that really didn’t want to talk to one another, and wasting way too much time watching reel-to-reel tape rewind for the next take actually gave me a strong understanding of good audio. 

Why Audio Quality Matters

The evolution of current digital recording systems has been nothing short of amazing.  It’s easy to take these tools for granted. Current technology now provides amazingly efficient and powerful tools to almost anyone. The challenge? While anyone can obtain these tools, not everyone has learned how to use them well.

Mics are cool

As more auditions become the voice actor’s responsibility to record, one of the critical differences in booking work becomes the quality of the recording itself. Learning what to listen for in order to measure that quality is now a key skill to possess. I work with you to develop those skills.

Get the Audio Under Control and Focus on the Acting

Of course, very few individuals decided to become voice artists so they could learn more about audio engineering.  As a working voice actor, I’ve learned what is important for auditions and production work. Combining that with my experience in studios, I can help you focus on those parts of the recording process that matter in VO. Working together, we will find what is strong, improve weaknesses and create a way for you to consistently submit optimum audio.
I am available for on-site visits through the greater San Francisco Bay Area, and can also work with you remotely. An easy way to get going is just upload an audio file for a free review.